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Period Cramps @ School

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I’m having some bad cramps right now. I unfortunately didn’t take my Aleve, so now I’m in a lot of pain and under lots of stress.

I feel warm, nauseous, and I’m totally out of it. I heard every 4 words my teacher said to me because I kept zoning out.

I have no way of getting medicine to me either 😓 Does anyone have any advice for at school remedies?

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You should have small carbohydrate snacks often Evening primrose oil is good for pms

Are you able to get a hot water bottle from your school office? I remember doing this back when I was at school but not sure how common that is.Is there an option for you to go home early?

Magnesium really helps me (you need a decent quality one like magnesium citrate or magnesium malate, as basic stuff is laxative). It won't help right now, bit could make next month more manageable.

There was also a study showing ginger is as effective as ibuprofen. I usually eat something with ginger in, in the week before my period, and it does help. You could maybe take ginger capsules to school in future? And see if canteen has anything that might help today?

Go home if it's really bad though, it's a fair enough reason.

What happened? How are you now? Here is nutritional information I am now post menopause, so I'm trying to remember my worst periods. I miss them now - my body is a mess. Fyi, I love smoked oysters and 1 can of them from trader Joes has 45% usrda of iron and they are not fattening. I used to drink a high vitamin c beverage with them to help absorb the iron. Veg iron is not the same as heme iron from meat. Also, consider a multivitamin. One for menstruating age women will have lots of iron in it. I have always taken Centrum and tolerated it well. The one for women over 50 assumes menopause I think.

My solution to this was to go to my school reception/pastoral office crying my eyes out, or send a sneaky text to my mum telling her I was suffering.

Both of those meant I could go home and take care of myself.

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