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Vaginal smell

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Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday and today. When cleaning mess I found that his semen was quite yellow both times and didn’t seem right. I have been tested for stds in September came back negative and he was tested in July came back negative. I’ve showered changed clothes and washed down there with bath water to get rid of anything that may be left but when I go to the toilet I still get a smell that isn’t usual. I don’t know if it’s due to having unprotected sex and it’s just abit sweaty down there or I have BV or something. I don’t wanna go to doctors as I’ve been in and out of the Doctors with vaginal problems since September (why I was tested for stds) and feel like they might think I’m back again.

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First of all your gp is there to help not to judge so don't worry about going back if you feel you need to.

Secondly, by unprotected sex do you mean without a condom or without any birth control? I only ask because my "mum of teenager" warning system (and I don't even know if you're a teenager, sorry) is going into panic mode and I just want to be sure you're sure (not being judging but want to know you're okay and safe).

My husband's sperm can be different colours and textures depending on what he's eaten, if he's had alcohol, if he's been smoking, if it's been a while, etc etc. It's possible it could be a sign of an STD but if you're certain he's not been with anyone else it's unlikely.

I sometimes find a smell after sex especially if I don't go and wash up straight after or if we've not had sex in a bit (the joys of military life 🙄). It seems to settle by itself fairly quickly but it does make me a little uncomfortable at times. The best solution I've found is a couple of drops of either lavander or tea tree oil in my knickers and that seems to deal with it. Both oils are safe on skin neat but tea tee can be a little stingy. If you try it get good quality organic oils.

If you're concerned then a chat with your gp or nurse might be a good idea. There is also the family planning clinic or sexual health clinic which are both very good.

Hope that helps

I’m on the implant so unprotected with no condom and I’ve just come out my teenage years so newly 20.

Thank you for this I’ll keep a close eye and see if anything changed etc.

You sound very safe and sensible! Fingers crossed my girl is when she reaches your age. She's still at the stage where the idea of dating is a pest but she'll work it out one day!

I think wobblybee's suggestion of seeing a different gp in your practice is a good idea if you decide to go back. Not to be sexist or ageist but some older male GPs don't take women's health issues particularly seriously and you can be better with a younger female doctor. And as I say sexual health or family planning can be really helpful too if you want to avoid the surgery or you feel they're not helping.

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I had a back and forth to my GP at one time and was made to feel the same, but eventually I was proved right..If you have a history of problems, and something else crops up, the only course of action is to be thoroughly investigated. There can be a few reasons for odour, it can be a guessing game and not all are successfully treated by over the counter preparations..

Maybe ask to see a different doctor, that may help..

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