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Canesten(clotrimazole) for thrush etc..

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Has anyone used this medication to treat fungal infections before? If so did it work well and how fast?

Thank you:)

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Yes this is so common to use :) Are you using the pessary or the internal cream? You should feel better within 3 days but it can take a week to clear fully.

Make sure you drink a lot of water and no sex for 7 days :)

Its normal to see some weird discharge with the internal stuff. There may even be a bit of spotting depending on how bad the infection is.

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Infinity444_ in reply to Emma205

Hi, I used 500g pessary on Thursday, been using the external cream since yesterday 2/3 times a day but it’s still burning especially at night I’m just gonna keep using it for a week and see if it works for me

Thanks for the reply :)

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Emma205 in reply to Infinity444_

Oh no that's horrible :( apparently if it continues a few days after you've finished the course then go to GP but I hope it clears up by then! I get different symtoms each time, a couple of times I had no symtoms at all apart from increase in discharge, not even clumpy! This time it's been itching. I did internal cream on Wednesday night and external cream hut still get a tiny bit of itching every now and again but it's getting better! Fingers crossed for you x

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