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Breast Numbness

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Hey guys I tried not too Google this as I’m a over thinker but for a few days I can’t feel my right breast and not sure why? It feels super numb and I’m scared as I have health anxiety? Has anyone ever experienced this

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I’ve had weird tingles and all sorts of pain but it’s worth calling ur GP and getting it checked out, I can’t speak though Cus my anxiety has me crazy all the time as well xx hope u sort it out

Hi I had all kinds of pain few years back got myself into a right state got an emergency app to see my gp..she checked them.said nothing untoward its prob soon as she reassured me the pain went...but if u need reassurance you should go ..the mind plays so many tricks on you I too have health anxiety its awful I think.evetirything is serious my gp knows what I' it's quote embarrassing really but hey ho I'm.62 young healthy but I just feel that way with illness...I wish I didn't.....yes go to your doctor amd get reassured x

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