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Chest pain

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Hi after advice, I’ve had a dull ache top of my left breast/chest area for about 6 months, the pain is there mainly when I get up out of bed and it soon eases. I lift weights, possibly muscle strain, but can muscle strain last this long? I’ve seen the dr and she had a look and feel, and it felt tender, she didn’t really say much. It doesn’t hurt when I work out. I’ve tried exercises, pain relief and hot water bottle. It’s not as bad as it was, as to start with it was all round the top of the left side of my chest. Any advice welcome thanks.

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I had an accident and strained the ligaments between my ribs and 9 months later because I have continued to workout etc it’s still painful, I never want to be a replacement for a doctor so if you are worried I would seek a second opinion but I also wanted to say I’ve experienced long term muscle and ligament pain so it’s a viable option x

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Thank you, if I touch down hard it’s tender, sort of on the flat bit of my chest/breast. I know the pectoral muscles are behind there too.

Possibly worth going back to your GP as the pain hasn't gone away.

The only other things I'd think worth ruling out would be whether your bra is up to task and maybe taking a week or two off (even just from upper body) to see if it helps at all.

Might be worth speaking to a physical therapist to check for strain injuries if your doctor can't help.

Thank you for your reply, a dr told me not to wear underwired bras so I haven’t been, also I have taken breaks when I’ve been away on holiday from working out, usually around a week.

I’ve just spoken to the doctor and she thinks it’s Costochondritis. But sending me for a chest x-Ray

Chest x-Ray fine, dr wants to refer me to a rheumatologist and self refer for physio though it’s been better the past few days

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