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Query about the combined pill

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Just looking for some advice.

I've been on the pill for about three years now (2 years mini pill and for the last year combined pill)

I found out recently that my mum had a blood clot during the birth of one of my siblings. At age around 40. Apart from this there are not other known heath concerns in my family to stop me from taking the pill.

Is it wise for me to continue using the combined pill? Or perhaps I should seek medical advice from my doctor?

I don't really want to go on the mini pill again due to a bad experience, and all other contraceptive methods to me seem either ineffective or dangerous/painful.

I feel slightly backed into a corner.

Any advice is welcome, thank you

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Your doctor can run a blood test to assess your risk of blood clots. It's a pretty standard test, but they only run it if you have family history.

I've had the blood test myself, and once it's done, they're generally not concerned about risks from contraceptive pills.

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