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Anyone else got a horrible cold and it’s not covid?

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My throat is swelling up it hurts to even yawn and I have really dry sinuses, a banging headache + runny nose but I tested myself and came out negative?? How weird..

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Just recently there was a chesty cough/cold doing the rounds where I live, it actually crossed my mind it could be related to the Delta Variant. I had the cough myself for about 2wks..

I tested myself on day 2 of my cold and it was negative and on day 5 I retested and it was positive. I was a very heavy head cold with sore throat - no temp and no cough. The PCK test confirmed it . My other half also came back positive from PCK but with no symptoms.It's worth doing the test a few days later incase,

There is quite a bad cold going round at the moment. I think worse, because our immune systems are a little under-worked right now.

I ticked all the boxes for Delta variant symptoms recently, and I have a bit of post viral fatigue now it's gone, but all tests came back negative for Covid so I guess it was just a cold.

I think we just have to presume other viruses are circulating but that it's still worth staying home if you have symptoms, to avoid passing whatever you have on.

Airborne has all the vitamins & minerals that helps with these symptoms … Oregano Oil capsules kills the infection causing the sore throat & keeps or from getting into your lungs.

My sister and her partner have had a few colds since taking the vaccine. Could it be that?

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