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Pubic rash

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I don’t know what could cause this but when I shave everything is fine and everything feels good. I get a little shaving bumps but nothing to worry or causes any discomfort. But 2 weeks later when things down there has obviously grown I get a really red and itchy rash. It’s little red spots all in the pubic area. Once I take off underwear or have a bath the rash calms down and goes away. I re shave and everything goes back to normal. I don’t know If it is just the length of hair itching on my underwear and rubbing. But it can be really uncomfortable. And it’s always around 2 weeks after shaving.

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Same here girl!

I think because this always happens the same amount of time after you shave, it's likely due to hair length. I know most men say their face stubble reaches a certain length, then becomes unbearably itchy, so it isn't even necessarily your underwear setting it off, it'll get itchy anyway.

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