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Unexplained leg bruising

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Wondering if anyone has any advice.

I'm 28 so certainly not of a mature age, yet for the past few years, my legs have been bruising so badly after the slightest bumps. Currently I have 18 bruises across both thighs, ranging for larger pitch black ones to smaller purple ones - but I have no recollection of bumping them at all! I never used to have this in my early twenties and making me extremely self conscious and worried about it being a deeper problem. I have thread veins on one thigh which I realise might make this area more prone to bruising. Often my legs feel quite tender, as though the muscles are just beneath the skin, though there’s plenty of fat to cushion them! I’m generally slim (4’11 and 7.8stone) but am definitely pear shaped. I’m on the mini pill and have been for years for reference and am breast feeding

Is there any cream that will thicken my skin or prevent the clots from forming unnecessarily? Is this something I should go to the GP about as a sign about something else?

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You should go to the GP first.

It might be worth asking for a full thyroid check. Bruising can be a hypothyroid symptom


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This could be due to something like a deficiency, but a doctor’s advice will give you peace of mind.

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