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Hi guys! Maybe this is TMI and I’m so sorry but just looking to see if anyone goes through anything similar, my periods have always been really sore for me until I got an implant in, that stopped them for 3 years! December last year I had my implant removed as my partner and I were thinking about starting a family, my periods went back to normal and everything was okay.. we moved 200 miles away from our home town leaving my mum ect behind which was sad for me and a month later I went to hospital because I thought I was having a miscarriage due to clots in my period, turns out it was just my period and that can be normal, a good 4 month down the line and I was back to normal until now, I started my period 2 days ago and last night I noticed very big clots in my period. Yesterday I had 2 spells of dizziness also. Today I have the same clots and dizziness also, is this normal? I have extreme health anxiety so makes matters worse. My period was also 1 week late this cycle. I had pain the first day but since then not much pain with it. Sorry if this is TMI! Just looking for some help 😭 thank you in advance guys xx

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Hi, I would suggest keeping a period diary and making an appointment with your GP to try and get to the bottom of why your periods are changing. The diary helps if you’re referred onto gynaecologists they can look at what’s been happening and can aid with treatment options if necessary. The dizziness could be anaemia from the periods/ clots dependent how excessive they are and you might need some medication.

Good luck.

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I recently had bloods done, less than a week before my period started or would it only be when I’m on my period? Because all my bloods were absolutely normal, nothing detected xx

Crikey as bloods would have shown if you were slightly anaemic. I’ve suffered with anaemia for years due to extremely heavy periods, on bad days I’m dizzy and breathless but have learnt to graze eat to keep up energy levels.

The period diary would be ongoing so when your bleeding how many times your passing clots, length of periods. A gynaecologist once recommended doing this when I was first referred as it gives them a bigger picture of how it’s affecting you intensity eg.

Has anything else in your life changed bar the move you mentioned, stresses, exercise dieting, age, can all effect periods.

Did your GP say they would follow you up? If not its then down to your intuition if you feel something isn’t right please follow it up with medical guidance.

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I just don’t want to waste time, last time they sent me to the hospital for clots and turned out to be nothing, I felt so awful like I had wasted their time! Apart fromMoving away from my mum nothing really major has changed, apart from stress! I am stressed every single day due to anxiety! So maybe that, they clotting seems to have gone down now, still there but just a normal amount so I’m unsure xx

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BeeHoneyB in reply to aimeealxo

It could be stress, just keep the diary anyway so if it doesn’t settle or you are still concerned you have something concrete to show your GP with what has been happening.

Unexpected or unexplained bleeding is never wasting time so you were right go get it investigated.

Hi aimeealxo,

What you describe reminds me of my days of having periods. I'm now almost 56 and I did not get help with this issue. All I was told was that it was called Dysmenorrhea, not sure if I've spelt it correctly. Basically it is excessive bleeding and you can experience sweating, high temperatures, dizziness, tiredness, extreme bleeding and large clots. As I got older the GP thought I should Keep a diary then he said I should have an examination in hospital as I had by this time been bleeding like this for 20+ years. When I attended a biopsy was taken of my womb and it all just came back as normal. Surprisingly my periods stopped early at around 37/8 years old. That to me was a blessing as I was so worried about all the paracetamol I was taking for the pains for all those years. This then plunged me into early onset Menopause. Cricky !!! I just couldn't win. I hope you at least get a diagnosis and are then able to manage it. At the time I was so stressed as a single parent a lot of my wages went on sanitary products. I had to wear 3 night time sanitary towels in the day and 4 at night. Talk about an expensive business.


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