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Transvaginal ultrasound scan

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I have my scan in Sep so worried one for the scan . Also I was raped last year so all these examinations I hate getting anxious .

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Staff carrying out these procedures are usually calm and empathetic to any concerns..don’t hesitate to say why you can’t relax if that is the problem 🙂

Please try not to worry, it is painless and the radiographers are very caring and empathetic. Explain your concerns when you go. It is discreet and you are made to feel comfortable, also you will be covered. I have had two, not a problem.

I have PTSD from domestic violence so I can completely empathise with how you feel right now. Until I got my diagnoses I was convinced I was somehow abnormal because I got so anxious and upset that I couldn't attend without my husband or a friend with me. I've actually been signed off work because I was so upset I couldn't function. Counselling is slowly helping me learn to cope better and understand what's going on.When I have to have anything medical (a big trigger for me) I try to remember a few wee things

1 I'm doing this for a good reason, if I'm not healthy and well then I can't care for my family and friends so to do that I need to do the whole hospital thing

2 I don't have to do it and if I change my mind at any stage its okay. No one can make me have any treatment or test if I choose to say no.

3 it's only a really short space of time and once it's done it's done

4 I'm brave. I've survived years of domestic abuse, I've raised 2 kids alone and fought the government for my stepdaughter so no matter how anxious and scared I might feel I can do anything if I choose to do it.

You are already a really brave person. You've survived a horrendous experience and you have the strength to get through this and any treatment you might need, even if you don't feel you do right now.

Practically, as the other ladies have said, the staff are considerate and try to maintain your dignity as much as possible. You can request a female to do the exam (I always do for any test) and you can request to have someone with you (if they get sticky for any reason just explain the circumstances). The test is painless and shouldn't last very long. I actually found having to have a full bladder much more unpleasant than the internal probe.

Are you getting counselling or any other support for what happened? It's really important that you consider it. I left it 20 years to seek help and looking back I can see how much harder it has made my life because I didn't understand about triggers and how to handle thing when it happens.

Let us know how you got on with you test, and remember it's your choice. Xx

#2 is SUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER important.

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Mia898 in reply to BlackIsleGirl

Yes seeing a counselor it is very hard.

It is painless and carried out very professionally. I have had a couple of them and was very anxious for my first one. Now, I am completely relieved to find it is transvaginal versus regular because with transvaginal you have an empty bladder versus the regular where you have to hold back a horrible amount of water for so long. Physically, it is a breeze. Psychologically, I get that there are other issues. Just want to reassure you about the physical. It is fine.

Hi. It depends what you are having it for. My doctor booked me for one due to fibroids but I thought it was just an external scan. When I was at the scan and they told me they would do transvaginal after the external one, I refused to have it - although they were so nice and gentle towards me. Perhaps if I had been prepared, I could have have it. However, because I had drunk a LOT of water, they had good enough images. I will say that in hindsight, having now had a hysterectomy and various issues leading up to that, if I had had the transvaginal, it may have picked up other issues earlier.

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