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Update- period stopped feeling anxious

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I am now 58 days late on my period.

Had blood tests done last week and waiting for results.

Hormone blood tests booked for next week and also a pelvic ultrasound.

I’m 35 and not on any contraception. Periods are normally every 28-34 days.

I am now getting really anxious that something sinister is going on 😢

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🙂 Waiting for results is always an anxious time..I hope you get peace of mind soon.

Has anything else changed for you recently? Unusual stress? Diet change? Have you recently been vaccinated for Covid?

I hope your results come back with answers soon, but there are lots of really innocent reasons for your period to be late too. Maybe have a think about what could have changed?

Have a look into Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (technical term for lack of menstruation) to see if it might shed some light on things for you.

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Knic in reply to Cooper27

Thank you for replying. Nothing has changed other than the Covid vaccine. I had my first one on the 26th March - my period after that was around 3 weeks late starting on the 2nd May. My 2nd Covid vaccine was the 13th June (period due end of May) and not had a period since the one 2nd May.

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Cooper27 in reply to Knic

I think it's very likely the Covid vaccine - it's causing quite a lot of women to experience delayed periods (and heavier than normal periods). It doesn't seem to be anything to worry about long-term (as in it didn't stop women in the trials from going on to concieve later), but I can understand why it would be a little bit alarming if you weren't aware of the link.

You should probably complete a yellow card, as I think the more women who report this side-effect of the vaccine, the better.

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Daisy1245 in reply to Cooper27

Sorry to jump in but how do you report a yellow card?

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Daisy1245 in reply to Daisy1245

Dont worry found it via Google! Thanks x

The docs will probably say it’s nothing to do with the vaccine but I know many ppl this has happened to after having there vaccine x

Hope everything is fine. If its any consolation my periods have gone crazy after the covid jab. I had my first in Feb and my second in April. They have been up to 2 weeks late and then one was 10 days early. I normally have a 26 day cycle and ovulate on day 12, last month I ovulated on day 22 and had a 34 day cycle. I thought they would settle down but they haven't so far.

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