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Reoccurring thrush

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Hi, I'm nervous to write this as its embarrassing.

I keep getting thrush at least every month. I've been taking medication for 6 months and it's done nothing.

I've had smears done that say it's thrush and all normal but nothing seems to be clearing it up.

Please does anyone have any advice or help😔

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Hi! I have the same issue, it’s like every bleed I have will end in thrush, it’s so annoying! But ongoing and recurring thrush can have complications. Go back to your gp and see what they say, they might refer you or get more tests done.

Also (and you’ve probably heard this a million times) avoid scented soap and don’t put any in the vagina, don’t wear tight clothes (I’ve completely stopped wearing jeans, which seems to help), wear 100% cotton underwear (don’t wear polyester, it’s not breathable), and get any regular partners treated for thrush also (though not an std it can sometimes be carried between sexual partners). I’ve also found tampons/pads give my thrush, so maybe thrush period cup/reusable pads/free bleeding if you can.

Hope this helps!!

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Thankyou so much, Im a personal trainer to which I know doesn't help but I get changed 4 times a day to help, I'll get to the doctors. Thankyou ❤️

Please don't be embarrassed, everyone gets thrush! It's horrible and uncomfortable and reoccurring thrush can be very distressing.

I assume you're doing the obvious, always wearing clean cotton knickers, taking salt baths and showering/bathing after sex? You might also try to workout the triggers, I find sex can if it's been a while (my hubby works away a lot so sometimes if it's been a couple of months I'll have an attack after sex) or maybe chlorine if you're a swimmer, anything that changes what's happening inside you really, that might help you avoid things that set it off.

The best treatment I've found sounds nuts. Tea tree oil in the gusset of your knickers. It can be a bit stingy so only use a couple of drops but it never fails to clear things up for me. Lavender oil seems to work too but not as quickly.

Good luck x

Hi , I have the the same thing, I know when I’m due on because I get thrush a week before, I’ve tried everything like you, had a 6 month course of medication and it still came back, I bought the the tablet for it from my local chemist and if you get there own brand rather then the branded one it is less than half the price, all I can say is now that I’m in my late 40s it only happens every few months instead of every month,

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Thankyou I'll take a trip,

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