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Birth control while using methotrexate.

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Hi. I’m on methotrexate at the moment for psoriasis and arthritis. I was wondering what birth control you ladies are on. I’m on depo at the moment but really thinking about changing as I think it’s made me out in a lot of weight and it can give you osteoporosis. Can anyone help? X

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I'm on the progestogen only pill and have been on it for almost 5 years and started the Methotrexate in Feb consultant never mention any issues between using both and havent had any issues with osteoporosis

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Shirlz3 in reply to Hoping2

The have me on the Depo injection pill. It’s meant to be really bad for your bones. So I wanted to come off it and use a different one as I am afraid of getting osteoporosis. It’s the depo that can give you osteoporosis x

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