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Please help. Vagina burning and stinging with green discharge for years. No STD’s or any infections. I’ve had every test done.

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Please help. I have been under a gynaecologist for years but getting no where. I have had every test done, all swabs, ultrasounds and discharge tested under a microscope etc. Everything comes back clear but I am in excruciating pain with vaginal burning and stinging, also including green discharge. Yet, I have no STD’s or infection. I am in pain and embarrassment and I have no answers. Please help/provide any advice :(

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Have you gotten a second opinion from another doctor?

I would go to a different gyno along with an endocrinologist to check your hormones & ph in your body. Also if you're sexually active your partner needs to be checked right away. What is your age..maybe you're lacking in estrogen causing the pain?? It could be extreme dryness. Do you use any products that could alter your ph etc inside? Toilet paper, douches, hygiene products, soaps, pads, tampons, anything & everything you can think of. Do you have a birth control device inside of you? Do you have BV, been checked for it? Have you ever tried Boric Acid vaginal suppositories (over the counter or online)?..maybe ask your doctor about trying those to get your ph back to what it should be & for vaginal health? Or have you tried RepHresh products for dryness or other problems? It's otc & works well. Many doctors recommend these products. Lots of thoughts....good luck!

I have this, well the burning and have had the green discharge, I am going through the menopause, so its realted to it, vaginal dryness /atrophy. I am on eastrogen pesseries and they are helping, im 49, talk to another dr or gyny. You can get some lubes for dryness. I was advised to cut out caffine, and to avoid washing the area with strong soaps or washes. I also wash my underwear in mild soap. Drink plenty of water. Please go back to the dr. I hope you get propper help.

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