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Taking desogestrel completely stop my periods and I haven't had my periods in last 6 months what should I do??

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I am gaining weight rapidly bcoz of pcos even I have a healthy diet idk what to do

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It normal on that pill to have irregular or no periods at all, if you’re worried about pregnancy maybe do a test every few months just to put your mind at ease :)


its really normal to not have any at all and the doctor should have advised you of this! You are one of the lucky ones to not have anything but be prepared for "breakthrough bleeding" which can happen randomly or if you're late/miss a pill you'll have a bleed which can either be red or brown in colour.

For the weight gain, it might be water retention so you may want to reduce calorie intake a little bit, cut down carbs and increase your water intake. I was on the Depo injection for a couple of years and the weight gain was insane. Maybe work out using weights as this helps me now. Im on the same pill as you and currently having to take 2 a day so ive noticed a bit of an increase in weight.

Hope this helps x

Desogestrel does stop periods in a lot of people. It's quite often why many people choose the minipill over the combined pill. It's why it's often prescribed for endometriosis patients.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about, it's perfectly normal. Your doctor didn't explain this to you which is completely wrong of them. If you're concerned about it, talking to your doctor might ease your mind.

Periods stopping on this pill is completely normal, I have now been on this pill for almost 3 years and haven’t had a single period or break through bleed while I have been on it. I switch to this as after getting headaches with estrogen based pills. However this should have been explained to you at the time of switching by who ever put you onto these pills. I agree with what many others have said in that if you concerned about pregnancy take a test, or do them regularly if you are sexually active. As for wait gain of could be the the hormone is causing you to feel hungry more, or it could be a wide range of things. My try having a glass of water before each meal and when you feel hungry, as you could just be thirsty, take a look at how much salt you have in you diet as this can cause extra water retention. I don’t want to suggest diets because I don’t know enough from this post but be mindful of what you are eating, although I don’t get a period I still get a certain time of the month where all I want to eat is really unhealthy food like chocolates, sweets, biscuits and cakes but because of the lack of period this normally takes me a little longer to realise it’s cycle related more than anything, and make me think more carefully about what I’m eating. I hope some of this is helpful.

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