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Hi all. I am writing from my hospital bed. Had a full abdominal hysterectomy today at 10.30 to remove my large fibroid. Good riddens! Also removed cervix and ovaries to prevent further complications. I'm very sore but managed with pain relief. Consultant is going to speak to me tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thanks all for support. If I can help anyone with a question I'm happy to xx

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Wishing you a fast recovery and continued good health. x

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🙂 💐 All done and dusted...

Prayers for a fast and speedy recovery, take it slow and let you body recover.

Good luck to you hope you feel better soon and life gets easier and happier.

Hi fcake. What a massive operation for you. Just wanted to wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. 💐

Great !!! I'm waiting by the phone for my surgery date.

It's a good thing and years ago a person was in hospital for 2weeks.

I was in for a week. The recovery is 6weeks and I could only go out for half an hour cos I felt so weak.

My neighbours were good.

Hi there best thing I did at 39 - start to live again hope you are making a great recovery - thanks for helping others

Sending wishes of a steady recovery keep us posted x 🤗

Hi Fcake, I hope your recovery is going well. I am waiting to have a full abdominal hysterectomy and trying hard to lose weight quickly before the op to help with recovery. I am trying to prepare mentally and physically for the op and recovery phase. Any advice would be much appreciated. 🥰🥰

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Hi!! I'm 5 weeks post surgery. It was tough not going to lie especially for the first week then it did get gradually easier but progress has been slow at times with ups and down. I thought I was doing good yesterday It was my 43rd birthday and I put on a dress and a very small wedge shoe and sore today 😔 obvs too soon for me. Everyone is different obv but my wound has healed very well and no issues. You need to just give your body time and go with it. And to be honest I'm not very patient! I have been emotional at times but having my family around me helps with this and good friends. Sorry I've probably rambled but you will be grand. If there is anything specific you feel I can help with just ask and I will try xx

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