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Banged head on garage door

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I banged my head yesterday coming out of the garage (didn't stay crouched down long enough when coming out and hit the top of my head on the garage door edge.) I didn't lose consciousness/awareness or experience any bleeding. I felt a bit dazed and my head felt sore on and off. I slept fine last night and the dazed feeling is not as bad this morning. I did not go to A&E. My symtoms are not severe going by the NHS website however i did have brain surgery 22 years ago. Should i go and get checked out or am i ok to stay home and ring my doctors tomorrow if still feeling slightly dazed?

Thank you, Sarah.

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Only you can decide what to do, nobody here is medically qualified to advise.

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Sar94 in reply to bantam12

I realise that, I'm not asking for a diagnosis. Simply asking for recommendations from those who may have had a similar experience.

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🙂 The biggest concern after head trauma is the possibility of losing consciousness, but you seem to be doing ok. If the dazed sensation continues..and you’re concerned about previous surgery, it would give you peace of mind to speak to your GP.

I fell, banging my head, and lost consciousness, I was taken to hospital and kept in for 24hrs for observation.

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