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Obsessing about breast cancer

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Don’t know if this is the right place to post or in the anxiety forum. But just can’t seem to stop obsessing over having breast cancer. I’m 33 no lumps or anything. But last year started getting left sided chest pain that I could feel through my left breast thought it was heart related and got told by my GP that it was Costochondritis. But ever since everytime I notice something on my breasts or feel a slight tingle I’m like oh it’s cancer. I’ve had Health anxiety because of my heart so having that doesn’t really help and my mind starts racing. Just wondering if any one else has this.

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Hi I also think about it in the same way as you and I worry. I guess I worry more the older I get (43 now) but I also worry about everything like that. It’s a natural thing to fear.

Hi! I’m 29 and I also have health anxiety and recently it’s been focusing on breast cancer because I found a lump and it turned out to be two cysts but now I worry there’s something more that they didn’t find. Health anxiety sucks it’s a daily struggle. Hope it gets better for you!

Did you get the two cysts sorted? Oh I know how you feel if it’s not one thing it’s another🙄 only been like this since last year but just can’t seem to shake it off. Have a few good days then it comes creeping back

The doctors say that they’re harmless and to leave them alone unless they bother me. Yea my Health anxiety gotReally bad this year because of the pandemic and now it’s anything health related. Definitely try limiting your self to worry only an hour a day at a set time and try not to Google!

Oh yeah. I learnt the worry time thing when I did cbt. Helps a little but sometimes my mind just goes in to over drive and then it’s too late 🙄 and I used to go and search on Dr Google a lot but stop myself from doing it now

Hello .Yes, I have also experienced obsessive thoughts.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder occurs in different forms in people. In the form of different thoughts.

But we must know that not all of these thoughts exist externally, and that there is only one inner fear of encountering that thought.

The only way to get rid of these annoying thoughts is to ignore them. We must put aside our fears so that these thoughts will also leave us. We must ignore these thoughts enough to make them angry and out of our minds.

This is a solution that I have gained both from my own experience and from the psychological guidance I have given him. Mrs. Dr. Leila Jebeli.

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