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Breast pain

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Hi everyone, not new to HealthUnlocked but new to this page. I’m 38 (no kids) and over the weekend I have experienced 3-4 bouts of quite sharp, throbbing breast pain, just on the right side, behind the nipple. I have given myself a thorough going over & can’t feel any lumps or bumps but I’ve NEVER had any kind of breast pain ever in my life, so don’t think it could be chalked up to hormones or ‘my cycle’. A close friend of mine had breast cancer & has urged me to speak to my GP but I’m wondering whether I should wait & see how things pan out? Any thoughts gratefully received and a warm thank you in advance.

P.s I don’t know if it’s at all relevant, by a little under 5 years ago I had two operations 6 weeks apart to remove/treat a borderline ovarian tumour. I was staged 1a & surgery alone thankfully resolved things. I had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed as ‘fertility saving’ surgery was recommended over a full hysterectomy, due to my age at the time. I have had clear scans every year since & am due to be ‘signed off’ this summer by my Gynae Onc 🙏🏻

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Hi Lovely,It’s Carole (we met at Wisley) don’t go on here much anymore, but still read posts occasionally.

I doubt it’s anything to worry about, but get it checked out to put your mind at rest, we all know it’s the best thing to do, worry does us no good.

Glad you have been well since our health blip, I have been too, have 5 grandkids now, daughter had twins last July!! Sure you have been on some great trips with your onesies in tow, many more to come , just get checked if you aren’t happy

Love C xx

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Hi lovely lady, so lovely to hear from you!! Wow, 5 grandkids!! Look at you super gran 😄 thanks for replying. Yeah am thinking I might just give the GP a call next week. From what I’ve ready breast pain doesn’t usually equate to anything overly sinister (usually) but it’s definitely not normal for me & nothing has happened that I’d expect to cause the pain. Will see how it goes. Great to hear from you & hope you’re still doing well too 😘

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Caroles1 in reply to Mrs_Atko

Yep I’m good, we have had our first jabs and I have been well.Just get yourself checked, it won’t amount to anything, but it’s not worth the worry.You take care my love xx

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Mrs_Atko in reply to Caroles1

Thanks, I will. Take care of yourself xx

Hi I’m 43 and about two months ago, I had sharpe pain on and off all day for about one week just in my right nipple. I since have a cyst which kind of appeard on the skin around the same time (not sure if that has any relevance to my pain (probably not) but I didn’t have the pain since and I had a mammogram last week and was all fine thankfully and I also googles that sharpe nipple pain is normal but it’s your call if you want to tell a dr I hope this helps.

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Mrs_Atko in reply to Milky99

Thanks for your reply - I’ve never had any breast issues before so think I will monitor it over this week & if I experience anymore pains it’ll give my GP a call. Great news your mammogram was all clear 👍🏻 x

Go see your gp just in case. Both my stepmum and I are bc survivors and we know it's better to just check. Chances are it's stress or a cyst but the sooner you go check the sooner you'll stop worrying xx please message me if I can offer any support xxx

Thank you so much for replying. I haven’t had anymore pain in 24hrs so I’m gonna sit tight & see how the rest of this week goes. I’m probably going to need to speak to my GP shortly anyway, so will bring it up with her then. Being an OC survivor, any new twinge or pain just makes you that much more aware (& having lost my darling Mum to primary liver cancer when she was only 64 & my Dad who has survived both Prostate Cancer & two lots of skin learn not to take your health for granted!) Never had breast cysts before but thank you for your response 🙏🏻 really appreciate it xxx

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🤔 A GP opinion will put your mind at rest.

Breast pain can be experienced in many different ways, and it may be related to your menstrual cycle (cyclic) or unrelated (noncyclical). You may have a vague feeling of tenderness or a dull ache or instead suffer from constant throbbing pain or sharp stabbing pain. Episodes of breast pain may come on a regular schedule, may happen only once, or may endure for long periods of time. It may occur in only one breast (unilateral) or in both (bilateral).

There are a number of different terms used to describe breast pain including mastodynia, mastalgia, mammalgia, or mastitis (though the term mastitis is more often is used to describe an infection or inflammation of the breasts).

Most of the time breast pain does not mean breast cancer, though some people do have pain with breast cancer and the symptom should never be dismissed.

An extract from (cyclical and non cyclical breast pain)

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Mrs_Atko in reply to wobblybee

Hey, thanks for this. Yes that is pretty much what I’ve read already. I think because I’ve never had breast pain ever before in my life, it was enough to make me sit up straight a bit. But I’m also aware that often pain on its own is nothing to worry about. I appreciate your response, thanks so much 😊 x

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