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Abnormal Bleeding



I'm a 16 (almost 17) year old girl who's had my periods since I was 11. I've kept track of them and for the past 4 years they've been routinely regular with one exception where it was a month late.

I finished my last period 10 days ago (it went for 4-5 days) and I noticed blood on my pants. I've bled through my underwear into my pants and this has never happened to me before. I've never spotted (but this seems heavier than spotting, I am wearing a pad now) and I have also been having abdominal pains, really bad fatigue and nausea and been heaving into the toilet (with nothing coming up).

As this has never happened before I'm slightly freaked out. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Should I contact my gp?

* I do have a symptom based diagnosis of Endometriosis from a gynacologist but never had a laparoscopy to confirm.

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Seems like you have estrogen dominence which can cause all sorts of issues you should look into natural progesterone cream

Hello! Thanks for the reply. The only issue is that a couple months ago at the end of 2020 I actually did a blood test for all my hormones and they were all normal. Is it possible that they could already have gotten unlevelled so fast?


Yes, I would contact your GP. You’re very young 🙂, you have a history of regular periods and you’re having (quite intense?) pain, fatigue and nausea and bleeding. And this is only 10 days after your last period.

Are you taking the contraceptive pill? If bc so, that can have a ‘settling in’ time and could be a reason.

I’m not at all suggesting there is anything serious wrong. I’m sure there isn’t. But I don’t think ‘grin and bear it’ is an acceptable solution for women with painful periods. If it’s seriously affecting your quality of life, then you deserve some care.

(I was told by a doctor when I was 16 that painful periods would ‘sort themselves out’ when I had my first baby. That was terrible advice. I had my first baby when I was 36. 😐)

Take care. 🙂

Hello,Thanks for that!

I'm not on the pill, instead while on my period and a bit before it's due, I take Naproxen and Tranexamic Acid for pain. But I've been taking all that for a couple years now, so yea I'm not sure.

I'll contact my gp, she's not in until Monday so I'll just wait and monitor.

And don't worry about suggesting something serious. I'm all good with hearing that (especially with having a lot of medical conditions and having heard bad news a lot).

And I'm sorry for your experience. I was told the same for a while with my painful periods, even after ending up in the ER from pain. (Which has now led to the symptom based diagnosis of Endometriosis).

Thanks again!

I’m sorry to hear they’re still dishing out that advice 🙄

The pill can be used to make periods lighter and less painful.

It's been suggested. However it increases my chances of blood clots and I already have a heightened risk due to having the Factor V Leiden gene. So it's a tough decision to choose to go on the pill or not unfortunately. But I really appreciate your support and concern 😊

A difficult one. The risk of blood clots in a 'normal' woman is 0.001 (1 in 100,00). That's a very low risk, so when the risk increases by x7, it seems like a huge increase, but it's still a very low risk ie 0.007.

I don't know about your genetic risk, sorry.

Would the mini pill be of any help? That doesn't increase risk of blood clot.

I hope you manage to improve matters.

take care

Thank you for that. I'm not aure about the mini pill but i see my gynacologist in a few months. I'll bring it up then. :)

mdox in reply to HiddenShadow

Hiya, if you do decide to go on the mini pill, there's a chance that it could make your periods irregular (even more the now) and have a lot of bleeding. I've been on cerazette for five months now to reduce heavy flow but it hasn't worked for me unfortunately. Good luck, hope it all goes well x


It does sounds like your Endometriosis playing up. It can be really helped through diet. Cutting out obvious sugar is one the first things to do unless your diet is already pretty healthy? I remember a traditional Chinese doctor telling me that women have a useful barometer of their health - their periods Heavy painful periods are often a symptom of a diet or lifestyle that needs a bit of tweaking. It’s a v stressful time at the moment for most people so that won’t be helping. But it is worth researching how endometriosis can be helped through making small changes in your diet. You have already started taking control of your own health and that’s impressive for someone your age. Some people go their whole lives hoping a doctor will know all the answers but of course we have to do our own work to find out what’s good for us. A good starting point is to look at how to treat oestrogen dominance through your diet. With so much time ahead of you, I personally would want to avoid taking hormone pills unless nothing else worked. Good luck.


Thank you. I have been trying to go on a healthy diet and limit sugar (also because I have high cholesterol) so it's important to get that lowered.

I also cant tell the heaviness of my normal periods often because the tranexamix acid I take, reduces the blood flow.

But I'll try being more on the ball with my eating. Thank you!

Hi, I’m glad to say age 51 mine have all stopped now and what a relief! Mine used to make me vomit for 4 days whether regular or not, laparoscopy didn’t find endometriosis despite symptoms all being consistent. Very painful, regular for years then irregular for awhile, then regular again, repeating patterns. Same meds as you, plus others, didn’t really help. Codeine made vomiting worse.

I found out recently I have a genetic thing which means I can’t convert vitamin b6 into it’s usable form which is called p5p. This was most likely the cause of all the bad period stuff. You can buy p5p on the internet. I now take it daily.

The b6/p5p thing goes along with Morton’s Toe, not to be confused with Morton’s Neuroma. Longer second metatarsal joint. You can look this up see if you have it.

Good luck, I feel for you and am so glad to be free of the nightmare! Xx


I will be doing a blood test next week, so maybe I'll suggest adding that to the list to see if its causing my issues.

Thanks for that! I wish you the best. :)

I do agree, actually, there is a lot to be said for diet changes. Less sugar, less red meat, plenty of rice, lentils and garlic worked for me. It was my gap year, and then when I came home things changed back. I had forgotten. 🙂

Also there’s lots of good science to support the role of vitamins. You would need to do your own research but I believe the B vitamins are good for women. Obviously you want to get most of your vitamins and minerals through food and not be spending a fortune on supplements.

So many factors can affect your period but I hope you find a way to improve things for you.


I'm definitely trying my best to cut out sugar and eat healthily. I dont eat red meat often but because I'm iron deficient, I can't cut that out just yet.

I'll try and do more vitamin testing in the upcoming blood test. My b12 is good but I am Vitamin D deficient.

But thanks again for the support!


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