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I have no idea what I’m expecting anyone to help with but I get so sick of being fobbed off by doctors that I just feel the need to vent somewhere. To give a brief history I’ve not felt well since the birth of my 6th child 7 years ago. Exhaustion, sleep issues, period issues, I got diagnosed in 2019 with an under active thyroid and since starting on the meds I’ve gradually felt worse and worse. The symptoms seem never ending, I always feel unbalanced when I’m standing, like I’m on a boat, my legs feel shaky and weak, I feel so sick when I’m moving around, I get out of breath climbing the stairs, tinnitus, shaky hands, feeling freezing cold then boiling hot and if I feel really hot I then feel even weaker and so sick 😕 anxiety and panic attacks, those are my most problematic symptoms. However for the last 6 weeks I’ve started itching every where, some days it feels like my skin is crawling. The worst of the itching is down the side of my jaw, the front of my hairline my eyelids and the top of my thighs, it seems to come on in bouts and every time I get these bouts I get stabbing pains in my eyes.

Every time I call the doctor I seem to be fobbed off and given an extra medication to add to my ever increasing collection, I’m currently on levo, citalopram, naproxen, stemetil, adcal, norethisterone, omeprazole and now they want me to take antihistamines for the itching. It feels as though nobody is interested in getting to the root cause of what’s wrong and they want to treat the symptoms. Totally at my wits end, I’m only 47 but I feel like I’m old and if it wasn’t for the children I’d crawl into my bed and never get out.

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You poor thing. Yeah regular docs just want to pass out drugs. If you can maybe see a functional medicine doctor (may be coveted by insurance) or a naturopath. Look into side affects of all those meds or interactions. Also you may have deficiencies that aren't being addressed. See if they'll do a full vitamin, mineral & hormone panel. Even if you're at the low end of "their" chart it can affect you. From what you wrote I wonder about iron, potassium & magnesium. Magnesium should be tested with the RBC Magnesium Test (cellular) not to be confused with the regular RBC blood test. Also maybe get a new doctor...sounds like a pill pusher. Read up on what those drugs can do..dig deep & do your own research. Excuse my honesty. Prayers you get off of some or all of that toxic stuff. There is a site called "Ask a patient" where people give their honest opinion on side affects etc, it's good!!

Oh also read up on what each drug depletes, they all do. There's a book called Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen.

I'm not sure what to suggest but I really didn't want scroll past without at least acknowledging your post. You are clearly having a really rotten time and I'm really sorry for it.I have been at the receiving end of the pill touting GPs and I am a great believer now of taking control of your own health care. GPs simply don't have the time or the training to deal with things that are more complicated and you do need to find someone more specialised to help you.

The thing that does spring to mind is chronic fatigue syndrome which can have lots of weird symptoms and is often misdiagnosed. Another thing it might be is allergies. Which can appear out of nowhere in an adult and can cause a lot more than itching or hives. My dad's cafiene allergy led to muscle pain, fatigue, dizzy spells, eczema, weight loss and other really odd symptoms.

I'm sorry I can't help but please keep us posted with how you are. Xx

I itch a lot, itch and fatigue are the main symptoms of the condition I have, PBC. It’s worth mentioning to your dr, they would need to see a full set of liver function blood results and if they are raised then there’s another blood test that would need to be done for PBC. It’s worth looking in to x

Hi there have you had your fsh tested sounds like perimenopause to me ! I’m going through the same x

You should post this on the Thyroid UK page, as some of your symptoms definitely sound like you are not on the right does of thyroid medication. Hope somebody can offer you some help.🙂

Your kids have a wonderful Mum and what a ton of crap you are having to deal with. I had terrible itchiness on the tops of my arms that drove me crazy. As I scratched and scratched it expanded. Convinced I had scabies I slathered on umpteen different chemicals - no effect. What it was was really dry skin, I drank more water well more tea actually and bought a jumbo bottle of Jergens. It did the trick.

Thank you all, I’ve posted previously on the thyroid page and they said that I needed an increase in levo, the endo finally increased it back in September but they are talking about decreasing it because it took my tsh down to 0.72 which is slightly hyper 🤦‍♀️ my fsh was done in September and that was fine, my liver tests came back in range, all my vitamin checks came back within range. I can’t change doctors, all the doctors in my area merged into a big health clinic and if I see a different one to my own they don’t seem to have time to listen to any of my symptoms. If I don’t see any improvement from this levo dose increase (which I haven’t) then my endo is saying that it’s not thyroid related and he’s just referring me back to the doctor.

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