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Embarrassed but need advice quick about my boyfriend


Ok we are both 19 and just entering the sexual world. Well his foreskin is back and absolutely will not go back forward... This normal? Help please! Thanks

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Don't share photos of your boyfriend's penis online - it's not appropriate.

If his foreskin is back while his penis is erect, that's normal. It should go back forward when he softens again.

By 19 though, he ought to know what's normal for him, and if this is abnormal, then he should seek medical advice.

Ever thought he might have been circumcised couldn't you have spoke to him about this it's not really a women's health issue

It normal for Americans, their penises are circumcised from birth. It is that way only. We indians on the other hand have uncircumcised penises

Mbeki in reply to MUGIWARA

A little bit too much generalisation. Certain religions insist on circumcision, and it was a normal practise in Britain pre 1950's. Now in Britain it is done for medical reasons. People having it done for religious reasons, worldwide, are finding it less popular and the boy/man insisting on not having it. There are many reasons for having it done, mainly dating back hundreds of years, especially in hot climates. If the foreskin is not pulled back and cleaned during a shower or bath a build up of material forms which becomes infected and can cause cervical cancer in women during intercourse. In Africa it is usually done with a razor blade during a boy to man transition ceremony and each year several boys die. There are attempts to phase this practice out. When you say 'we Indians' I take that to be American Indians because many Indians of Asian origin, are Muslim and circumcision is a religious ceremony carried out when a boy reaches a certain age. The same applies to the Jewish religion, so you can see a pattern emerging when you look back over the centuries that it predates showers and baths. I was circumcised at a very early age, as a white British Protestant in 1946. My next brother born in 1951 was not, neither were my other two younger brothers. Some say uncircumcised penises tend to be more sensitive, others say the opposite; one thing for sure, I will never know.

MUGIWARA in reply to Mbeki

Most Indians are hindu, i was talking about asian indians here.

Mbeki in reply to MUGIWARA

Being a Muslim in India has it's drawbacks but if you take the South African Indian, which is the next largest population of Indians outside India, you will find many of them Muslim. As far as I could gather there were no Pakistani's in South Africa which was also defined by a lack of Pakistani names that we see in the UK. One thing for sure about the South African Indians was the respect they showed for each other's religion including their Christian brothers.

If it is inflamed, red and sore it may be a condition known as phimosis - often caused by a small infection. It is treatable, but he will need to seek medical advice. Hope that helps:)

Make sure it is cleaned well you shouldn't have any prob

Talk to him if he is concerned. If he isn’t concerned and your only concern is how it looks... then get over it and be less judgemental if I’m honest

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