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Advice please?


I have been back and forth to my doctors MULTIPLE times for the same issue and I am not happy with what they keep ‘settling with’. I need some advice on how I can progress for more tests or to find what is causing my issue. You can’t seem to refer yourself on the NHS for further specialist help so has anyone had this issue before and found a way to bypass their GP for further treatment that’s still on the NHS. I couldn’t afford private healthcare or anything like that.

Backstory - I have a constant sickness, I am physically sick once a week maybe. 5 out of 7 days a week I’ll feel really sick and it’s starting to affect my life. I do have slight IBS but I can tell the difference and I have changed my whole diet and exercise so this is controlled. There’s no way it’s INS which is what the doctor won’t get away from. They’ve done blood tests and an ultrasound and found fatty liver disease but said they won’t do anything further as they think it’s IBS. I’m not accepting this and want further tests which they are refusing. She’s accepting me in for another feel of my stomach but I need to know where to go from there.

Any help is appreciated but please don’t tell me to keep going back to GP because I am going continuously and I have tried all advice given (diet change, exercise, anti acid tablets, indigestion tablets, anti sickness tablets, heartburn tablets and buscopan).

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😕It is awful when you are back and forth and feel as though you’re banging your head against a wall.

Could it be possible that fatty liver disease and ibs are combining to make your life so challenging 🤔 The unfortunate fact isn’t possible to have an NHS referral without a GP requesting it.

Lifestyle and home remedies for Fatty Liver Disease

Lose weight. If you're overweight or obese, reduce the number of calories you eat each day and increase your physical activity in order to lose weight. ...

Choose a healthy diet. ...

Exercise and be more active. ...

Control your diabetes. ...

Lower your cholesterol. ...

Protect your liver.

22 Aug 2019 › drc-20354573

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo ...

Laura99 in reply to wobblybee

Thank you for your advice but it has been months and months where I’ve had a healthy diet, cut down everything I was eating beforehand where it was out of control, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, I don’t drink or do anything that could potentially be the fatty liver causing this. I can tell when it’s my ibs and this is a different type of sickness, I’ve got the ibs under control as such now.


Have you seen a gastroenterologist ? because they are better trained to investigate the cause.

Laura99 in reply to bantam12

No? How would I go about seeing one without go referral? They won’t do anything else because they keep going back to the same subject every time which is ibs

bantam12 in reply to Laura99

You must ask your GP for a referral, if they aren't getting anywhere they shouldn't refuse to refer you on to a Gastroenterologist. You may be able to see a Gastro privately without a referral but most will want a letter with relevant results from your GP, worth calling around the private hospitals to enquire.

Laura99 in reply to bantam12

I suppose so yeah but the point was to avoid the gp as I’m going once every two weeks now and not getting anywhere but thank you anyways

Have you considered changing your GP? I know it sounds drastic but it might be your only option. I had to do it as my GP tried to write off my IBS as stress and anxiety, ignore recommendation given by a specialist I'd seen during cancer treatment and tried to tell me I had fatigue because I was depressed! I have cronic IBS triggered by a sever reaction to chemotherapy which my new GP identified and thanks to her is now getting treated correctly (I did have a battle a bit to see a dietician but I won).

Finding a supportive GP makes all the difference. Either try speaking to a different GP within your practice or go to a new practice all together as you've got a greater chance of being heard when you're a new patient.

Good luck x

Hi Laura, sorry to hear you're having such an awful time, from what you've described it sounds a lot like what both my mum and daughter suffer from, the doctor's call it GERD for short and it causes a whole host of horrible for them including burning sensation in chest (heartburn), usually after eating and chest pain,

difficulty swallowing and

Vomiting of food or sour liquid mum's usually worse with fatty foods. Having battled with GPS many times maybe you could ask to see a different one, write down a very clear list of all that your going through symptom wise and don't be afraid to push for a referral/second opinion. X

Hi Laura, have you tried to complain to the practice manager ? That might work. Is it possible to join a different doctors surgery and start afresh with someone new?

Thank you for everyone’s comments! I’m seeing a different doctor next week but

Thanks for everyone’s comments!

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