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Need help on health of inside of vagina

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Hello, I have recently realised that inside my vagina there is a large bulge that sticks out, TMI warning!!!

When I putting anything inside, it’s pretty hard to go past the bulge, having to go under it, as it’s a tight space to go under. I was wandering if this was normal for everybody’s vagina or if this is not normal (Therefore everybody’s vagina is just easy to get through, of course after the hymen is broken).

I’ve heard of prolapse but I’m young, have no children, no conditions I know of, or have any problem with urinating. Anything advice would help, thank you.

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🤔When the walls of the vagina become lax, the organs that they should be supporting bulge into the vagina, creating the sensation of a lump hanging down. The uterus is supported at the top of the vagina, and when the ligaments in this wall loosen, the uterus bulges downward. This condition is called uterine prolapse.26 Mar 2020 › ...

I know it may be prolapse but I don’t have any other symptoms of it and I don’t feel a sensation of a lump when sitting down, I feel normal, it’s just that over the years I’ve realised it’s there.

But thank you for the reply 😊

Btw I’m 18

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to PianoUnicorn

🤔 I’d imagine that being your age you’re reluctant to actually have this investigated, and you’re nowhere near having regular smear tests where this lump would be noticed.

If you can, make an appointment with your GP to at least discuss the problem..

I think you should see a gyno very soon.

Are you refering to the entrance on the vagina just at the bottom? if so this is normal part of the anatomy. But also the cervix which if you can feel has an opening can often be hard.

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