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Restless legs syndrome


I am suffering so bad right now from restless legs syndrome and can’t get any relief from the agony of it. I take 2000 mgs of Gabe roe tin nightly but has stopped working for me! I took some prednisone yesterday morning and have suffered from this ever since! I have walked the floors to no avail! What else can I do to help myself??? Please help please!!!

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Did you know there is a forum here at healthunlocked for restless leg syndrome? Please do check that out. This condition is so awful. All I know offhand is that magnesium can help. You can take the powder in water or juice at night before sleep. Magnesium is a big part of my health plan these days. Best of luck!!

Have you tried magnesium spray? I use it every night before I go to beds helps me a lot


Have you tried taking magnesium at bedtime?

Opt for the chelated or bisglycinate form, which is the most bioavailable form which doesn't cause digestive issues. Take it at bedtime, on an empty stomach with water only.

The tablets are on te large side, so I take a swig of water & let them soften a little before swallowing. Slightly fishy taste, but they go down more easily that way.

It's an essential mineral for good bone health (along with vitamin D3 & boron) as well as being beneficial to our nervous system. It helps direct calcium to our bones rather than our arteries.

Have you had your iron levels checked?

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