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Early Menopause?

Can I be going through Menopause at 23?

I've had irregular periods for the last 2 to 3 years with some gaps of 4 or 6 months between periods at times and now over the last year I have been having hot flushes during the day and at night. An older friend suggested It may be menopause.

I've also been taking the combined pill for the last four months because when I did have periods they were irregular, often heavy and painful.

Does being on the pill affect possibly going through early menopause and what are other signs that I could be going through it?

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Ohh girl! This actually sounds not well.

The first of all you should consult a gynecologist. In fact, in this age you must have periods run like a clock. Maybe after taking a course of oral pills your period will be reloaded. The oral pills let your reproductive system take some rest and start working with renewed vigour.

Unfortunately, an early menopause can come over regardless of our expectations. Also you test the level of hormones in particular days of cycle. Hmm.. I hope you’ve got something different and in the shortest future you’ll forget all this.

keep us posted on the news honey!



It's very unlikely you are having menopause at age 23. You should see your GP about the symptoms. It may simply be that the brand of pill you are taking doesn't suit.


It can hardly be so. I think you're experiencing the other type of disorder and I hope you’ve been already examined by the doctor. It’s better to avoid of being adviser in such case before you meet your gyno.

You primarily have to clarify your problem then you’ll be aware what to do with that

Good luck!



So sorry to hear you've been going through all these at 23. However, Just as all the ladies on here have recommended, I suggest you see your GP for a referral to a gynecologist. There really is such a thing as premature menopause or medically called Premature ovarian failure.

Normal ovarian failure is pretty much what happens in menopause, in premature menopause, its coming way too early.

It is impossible for us to make that diagnosis, however, only investigations and physical examination by a doctor can confirm that. Please do not self-medicate, see a doc.

All the very best.


It may be due to other reasons. Better you consult a doctor.


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