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Hi, i am having a problem everynight im am sweating, like my top is wet like i was out in the rain also my pillow is wet also, it is happening everynight, and the heating is not even on at night, also i find myself sweating when i go on the street, like i be in the shop and sweat is pouring of my face, it is really getting on my nervous, does anyone know what could be wrong i am 41years old, someone please help

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Hi denden123 am also 41 years of age and going through the same as u I’ve had all test done as I am going through premenopause sweating all the time hot flushes dizziness and tired all the time might help if you can get some bloods done in your doctors good luck 👌


Thanks i going to book appointment tommrow and ask for some blood test to be done

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Hi denden123,

I first started having the same symptoms 3-4 years ago. My doctor suggested HRT but I declined it. I was 37 then, I am managing it better now and it is not as bad as it was.


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