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Newbie diagnosed Levothyroxine

Hi I'm Lynn & new to the forum & been diagnosed under active thyroid 6 month ago as was borderline. Was on 25mcg for3 month then moved to 50. Don't know anything about this T3 or anything else for that matter just know I have another check up in 3 month. Having lots of problems at moment.

Can't sleep, terrible leg cramps, palpitations, panic attacks, thrush, headaches & stomach problems! Is this the norm? Any help would be appreciated as I originally only went to my GP with a shoulder problem which after a blood test showed I had thyroid problem.

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Hi I am also on 25mcg levothyroxine and have been for a few years now as was same as you boarderline. I do not get regular checks but remember trying 50mcg and it made me quite hyper and my hair starting falling out so have stuck with the 25mcg for quite some time and no one has asked me for a check up.


Thank you I was actually ok with the 25mcg but my GP put it up again as I was slightly below so I will be going back to see her as to be honest I wasn't even unwell till she put me on it. I've also had to come off the antidepressant I was taking as it could interfere with the Thyroxine so I think that's a major factor also. It's nice to know your not alone .


Hi,I've had thyroid problems for 12 years now, started off with hyperthyriod given radio active treatment then hit rock bottom then put on 150mg levothyroxin been on it ever since .

Get problems with my legs they feel heavy and ache a lot weight is also a big problem , never in my life had a problem before but now 3 stone overweight and won't shift it off . I walk my dogs a couple of miles a day I now take 2 painkillers before going . Drs don't want to know they say eating is the problem i don't think that's the whole problem . I do hope you won't have these problems and that you settle well with your medications. I get a check up once a year.


Hi Thanks for your imput just feel like I was thrown in deep end & left to get on with it as I would see a huge difference in myself as my Dr said. As said before I didn't go with any symptoms of thyroid it showed up in a blood test. Well it's nice to know It's not all in the mind. I will go see my GP if things gets worse . Thank you Shortysausage

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