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Fatigued nothing like it !

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Hi I am new on this site and I would like your advice . Over the last five weeks or so I have found myself having just enough energy to go through my day (secondary school Special Needs Dept) then I just want to come home and sleep . I am physically exhausted I can't even be bothered to go for a coffee after work or walk round the village some days .

I know I am stressed but I have usually found ways round relaxing and it has worked but I have never experienced this before . I even throw my clothes on the floor I am too tired to pick them up , I have two children at home one with Downs Syndrome and a boy 21 yrs who is leaving for Australia for a year in September. I have been a single parent for 10years , have no support from their father and work full time , weekends are spent with my daughter mostly , son working , so I am restricted what I can do .

I am still having hot flushes now and again , watching my weight, good healthy diet, which is within range considering my sedentary job . I have been on Citalopram 20mg since my daughter was born for anxiety .

Is it old age just arriving early as I use to be able to do things so spontaneously now I have to think if I have the energy first .

Thank you for any advice

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Ask your GP to do a thyroid function blood test. GP may be able to do a blood test to see whether you are menopausal too.

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Ladyburge in reply to Clutter

Will do thx she

I feel your pain and have just posted a similar query myself. I am utterly exhausted and have to drag my body around. I have been on sertraline for depression for a number of years. Doctor has told me my symptoms are stress related. I have a stressful job, elderly parents to care for and am a single parent with 3 son's suffering with varying mental health issues who bring a shed load of problems for me to deal with.

I am wondering though instead of stress it is another side effect of the menopause. Are you on HRT? I cannot use HRT as I have endometriosis still despite having had a hysterectomy. I wonder though if HRT would help these symptoms if I could take it.

I will be interested to see what replies you get. I cannot offer you any advice (sorry) but just thought I would let you know you are not alone.


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Ladyburge in reply to MeggyGrey

Hi there thank you for your support I will keep in touch with the doctors diagnosis . I too can not have hrt as breast cancer in my immediate family . Today I went to Costa had a flat white extra shot toast and butter and read the newspaper it was good , so good I actually had a surge of energy to put a load of washing on and hoover around however I was goosed after and needed a rest and a nap 😴

I have a telephone appointment on Monday with the nurse to diagnose me before she takes my blood to see if I am menopausal or lacking in something .


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MeggyGrey in reply to Ladyburge

Hi glad you had a good day yesterday. I tend to do my household chores with lots of breaks. At least at work i am sat at a desk. I am leave this week but not done half the things i wanted to do. Yesterday i ended up going back to bed at 10am for 2 hours. Trying not to do that today. Look forward to hearing what your blood tests say.

Take care

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