Concerned w my vaginal/urethral health

Female. So I've had this weird discharge and I think it's coming out of my urethra because my vagina discharge is completely normal, no odor or anything. But the discharge that I'm concerned with is like clumpy and white. I try to clean it in the shower with just water and sometimes if I'm feeling gross I'll use a sensitive non fragranced soap. My ob/gyn is booked for the next 4 months so that's why I can't go in rn. If anyone knows what this might be and how I can treat it at home, please please let me know. And to add, I AM NOT sexually active and haven't been so it is not an std.

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  • could be an unbalance of bad bacteria. try some live yogurt until you can see you gyni and don't over wash as you can over clean the good bacteria. if you have a walk in sexual transmitted disease clinic they can test for bacteria there and then.

  • Thank you

  • Hi,

    I agree with Loadsofissues, it sounds like your candida levels have taken over your flora, typical presentation is cottage cheese. It is not an STD, it can come at any time, sometimes when you are under stress and pressure.

    If it's your first time, you should go to GP who will confirm (or not) and prescribe you an anti-fungal cream, pessary, or tablet

  • If you are in the UK, these are available over the counter (OTC) but it's always advised to go to GP first if it's your first time, next time, you will be able to recognize it yourself and go to your nearest pharmacy to buy so anti-thrush cream like Canesten

  • Thank you:)

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