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Hi everyone

I just wondered if anyone could help me. People in the thyroid group have said from my blood results said I could be suffering from an autoimmune thyroid disorder but a sign of problems with thyroid is change in periods whether it's bleeding less or more, longer, shorter etc except I haven't noticed any change but I've been on the pill 6 years and just wondered if that would make any difference to the way I would "normally" bleed if I wasn't on the pill ? I.e masking if they were affected by thyroid.

I always had regular periods before I went on the pill but immense pain which is why I was prescribed them.

Really sorry if that doesn't make sense couldn't find the right way to word it!

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  • Hello. I'm sorry. I don't understand what you are asking.

    Are you asking if the thyroid thing could have contributed to the painful periods before you went on the pill?

    Best wishes💗

  • Clazzy78 hi,

    no I just wondered if you had problems with your thyroid and it can affect periods whether being on the pill could interfere with symptoms, mask them.

    Hope that makes sense

  • Oh ok sorry ☺️

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