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Bio identical HRT and the NHS

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Hi, I wonder if you anyone can help me. Have just seen GP and was told they cannot find any prescribe able bioidentical oestrogen only progesterone - ustrogen. I am on a combined patch at the moment which is bio oestrogen but synthetic progesterone. Does anyone know of a brand bio oestrogen? Thanks.

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Hi hohoho. Yes I was prescribed oestrodose which is a bio ( I hope it is as that is what I thought I was getting!)estrogen gel along with the ultrogestan bio progesterone.

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hohoho in reply to lc1973

Thanks for your reply. Is that gel and tablets? Would you mind telling me what dose you are on and how you are getting on? Private message me if you would rather. Thanks.

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Hi hohoho

Apologies for the delayed reply. The oestrodose is a gel and the ultrogestan is tablet form. I am not using the gel though as i dont think i need it at the moment. The gel was prescribed as 2 pumps per day and the ultrogestan is 100mcg (i think mcg not mg but i might have that wrong!) which i take 1 at night on days 1 - 25 of my cycle. Hope that helps. The Ultrogestan i think is helping me. Please feel free to ask, i really dont mind.

I am on Estradot patch and Utrogeston, both bio identical (NHS prescription)

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hohoho in reply to Silver_Fairy

Hi, thanks for your reply. Is that patch and tablet? Would you also mind telling me dosage? PM if you would rather. Many thanks.

Estradot patch 25mcg (they also do a 50mcg one) twice per week and Utrogestan 100mg. The latter has different dosing depending on if you are still having periods or not. Also it's worth experimenting with the Utrogestan, progesterone is calming but it made me quite tired when I took it too often.

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