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Spotting instead of period for two months?!


I usually get my period every 40-45 days, but now it has been over 50 days since my last period. I got some brown discharge/spotting two-three weeks after my last period. And then around 58 days later since my last period, I'm getting the spotting again. (It's the second day). I experienced cramps a few days prior to this so I thought I was going to get my period, but now I'm a little worried. I'm nineteen, but I never sex so there is no reason for me to be pregnant. What should I do? I usually get my period every month, and the only time I skipped was this one time I was really stressed. But I don't think I'm stressed now. I also lost six pounds in a month, but I gain it a little back. I also got really sick two weeks after I had my last period. (Like a bad flu, but it's not the first time I was sick like that, and I took antibiotics) Would that throw my cycle off track?

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How old are you if you don't mind me asking?


40 - 45 days seems like a long cycle to me in any case. Do you normally have a light or heavy period when it does come? periods can vary quite naturally and you are still so young that might be what's happening and yes, sickness can throw the cycles off track, especially if you have already experienced a missed period due to stress. If they have always been the same up till now then I would say that perhaps it is worth going to the doctor to have things checked out.

To look at what you described above another way, is it right to say that you had your period then some spotting (14-) 21 days later and more spotting (with cramps) another (44 - ) 37 days after that?

And you don't have to answer this but it's something to ask yourself - though you haven't had sex, have you been engaging sexual activity because those sperm can swim even without penetration!


It's pretty heavy when it does comes, and yes, I've been getting spotting, the second time now but no period. And no I have not been engaging in any sexual activity. But thanks!

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I think it's worth checking out with the doctor, if you can get there without too much fuss.


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