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fallopian tubal blockage

I got married for several years but never pregnant, also didn't go to a hospital checking. I always hear people say if not pregnancy may be because of fallopian tubal blockage. I don't believe it. Later I have no idea and go to a hospital checking. The inspection result is fallopian tubal blockage! This is the reason why I haven't been pregnant for several years. How can I do now? I don't want to have an operation. Thanks a lot.

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Dont worry for your case. Fallopian tubal blockage can be basically cured by Fuyan pill, a herbal medicine without side-effect for body. My friend suffered from tubal blockage for about 2 years and was cured by Fuyan pill, and never recurrence till now. I dont know how it works but I suggest you go to fuyan pill's official website to consult, it produces results a little slower, but it's mild and fever harm to people's health.


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