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Sudden severe back pain Unpon straightening up

I've had back pain the past 3 years in between my back and bum radiating down to my bum. Anyway I was referred for physio for this but still waiting for an appointment. BUT yesterday I was sat down and stood up but I couldn't straighten myself up due for the extreme pain. I have not even injured it or Anything. Now I can't straighten my back without pain. What could it be?

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Does scoliosis run in your family? It doesn't have to but for idiopathic it's more common.

It can either be idiopathic meaning developed during adolescence or degenerative meaning it develops latter in life from heavy lifting or just hormonal changes.

Scoliosis is where the spine curves left, right, forwards, or backwards, it can lead to back pain and pressure on organs, in some teen girls they don't menstruate till after the scoliosis surgery b/c it's pressing on the reproductive organs.

How to treat it is through physiotherapy to strengthen and stretch the back, back braces, and a surgery which puts a metal rod through your spine.

My mom has degenerative scoliosis and I have idiopathic.

Best wishes Xx


I have that too.... I got out of bed one day and couldn't move! I now have the dull pain everyday... I've been to Physiotherapy, chiropractor, changed my running shoes, got new bras thinking I'm wearing wrong bras, and still no help... Everyone keeps saying it's muscle spasms for this long!! And treatment is to strengthen the core.


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