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I had sex with my partner twice a week before my ovulation week, had sex twice during my ovulation week and twice a week before my period due date? My periods meant to come on this week . On Tuesday I had sex with my partner and the next morning I noticed some light bleeding then it came on and off throughout the day (had cramping also) I'm wondering if it's my period, and if it is I don't understand why it's different from my normal periods? Coz normally my period are very heavy especially on the first two days. I'm really confused and worried, don't know what to do. I know I'm not pregnant coz I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms

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Hi there, you don't say what age you are, if you're trying to get pregnant or if you've been pregnant before so hard to guess what's going on. Each pregnancy is different anyway and early pregnancy may not show any signs, l'd do a test if I were you anyway since you could be having an early miscarriage or bleeding during pregnancy which is quite common from what I've read. Otherwise if you are older it could be early signs of peri-menopause,that was my first sign-periods didn't start until after a couple of days of spotting. Of course there are natural variations in everyone's cycle and so this could be one of those natural blips. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for replying. I'm 25 btw, yes I am trying to get pregnant. Should I take a pregnancy test days after the bleeding ?


Well yes, if it was light bleeding but results won't be reliable. Pregnancy hormones can still be in the blood for a week after a miscarriage. Maybe wait for a week and then try. Don't worry though if it is an early stage loss, it makes little difference to your chance of having a baby, they are very common.


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