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Vaginal Ulcers

Vaginal Ulcers

HI. A few days ago I noticed a small bump on my labia. I'm pretty used to getting pimples new my vagina, so I wasn't too concerned. Even if it was on a weird area.

But the next day, I noticed these little spots near it and now they look like little white areas, almost crater-like. They were never blisters which is weird and common in genital herpes. I have discharge, but it looks like my period which is always wacky because of my birth control . The ulcers themselves don't seem to be bleeding. It does sting when I pee, but nothing unbearable.

I talked to the guy I've been having sex with for the past few months and he told me that it's probably nothing and that he's clean. He was tested earlier this year. But Im still extremely sure it's herpes

I'm not mad at him. I cried a little, but this isn't the worst that could happen to me.

Anyway. Are there any other diseases that could resemble herpes? Or that could cause genital ulcers?

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It would be a good idea to see your GP, if only to put your mind at rest🙂xB


Well both of you need to know what it is, bloody annoying if it is herpes, I'm not even sure what the treatment is - I know that the medication for cold sores is very effective now but not sure if that bears any relation to the genital type. Hope you get some relief, let us know how you are doing.


How's it going? Did you get any answers?


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