advice please:(

hi ladie's,

could really do with some advice, Iv been suffering with chronic pain since Feb in lower abdomen in my hips and thighs it starts off a week before my period and its usually a really heavy flow with horrible pain where I can't get up to do anything, being intimate is okay but the next day il have horrible cramping pain iv also had some abnormal bleeding as well as bad lower back pain on and off depending on how bad the pain is this pain is usually on going through out the month and I may have a few days break where it's not as painful and I can get a few things done iv had a laparoscopy to check my ovaries and abdomen they said that everything was normal apart from having some retrograde menorrhagia which they washed out (they said that was normal too) ... has anybody experienced any of these things I could really do with some advice on what I should do as the pain is back is full force :(

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  • hi sameen_x 🙂

    There could be various reasons for chronic pelvic pain. Your current investigations would have ruled some of these out🙂

    Look on and search 'pelvic pain' for more information🙂

    Go back to your GP and explain you can't deal with the pain. It's possible a different investigation may be needed, or you could be referred to a pain management clinic 🙂xB

  • hey,

    Thank you for replying:) I'll ask my GP about the pain management clinic, iv had another round of blood tests done just waiting for the results to come in I'm hoping I get somewhere now as pain is too much to bare sometimes 😔

  • I have had this too but now in early meno and has stopped. It was like a precursor to my period and I had really bad period pains as well most my adult life and some pre period back pains before as well. Varying. It was on run up to peri menopause too.

    I didn't really get any definitive answers despite laparoscopy too but I wanted to encourage you that you are not on your own in that. I have bulky uterus too! I found that liquid ibuprofen helped me a lot interspersed with paracetamol. Noone really helped out prepared me for peri meno. I began aged 31 and had lot medical prejudice.

    Hope your find out some more answers. Let us know what you find out.

  • hi,

    thank you for the reply:) at least I'm not alone in this iv started to feel like I might be imagining the pain as the doctors just don't know what's going on 😔 il see my GP and il let you know how I go from there.

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