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I'm scared. Help


I just joined this website and group.

I really need someone's help.

I'm 18 years old.

I recently got diagnosed with a UTI. I had blood in my urine. My period shouldn't be until the 14th of this month. (It's the 7th)

Normally my period hurts me extremely bad with cramps and I have a very very heavy flow. But I'm having neither of those! I started taking antibiotics for my UTI. My back pain and burning feeling went away but I started bleeding a lot more. It looks like its too far forward to be my period. (I'm very sorry if this is too much information) I told my mom. She blamed my period. So did my sister. But this doesn't seem right to me.

Is it my period or my UTI?? Someone help please!

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I'm sorry I don't know too much about this but this could very likely be your uti. If you're worried, definitely go back to the doctors. You're always better to be safe than sorry dear! Hope you get better soon xx



Blood in urine should not be ignored. Urinary infections can be horrible, I've had experience myself, they can take a while to clear up.

See your doctor for peace of mind, you may need a different antibiotic. 😊xBeryl


Is the blood only when you pee, or is it constant? Period blood would be constant. Either way, you shouldn't dismiss it given your other condition.

I would try to see your Dr - as you use "mom", I take it you're in the US? Might be worth seeing if they have an appt available today still. It might be nothing, but you shouldn't ignore blood when it shouldn't be there!


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