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Pregnant or not??

I had my son a little over 6 months ago. And found my periods had been pretty regular after but in April I was a week late on my period which came April 25 but I now I am two months and two weeks late I had took a pregnancy test a urine one which came out negative and I went to the doctor and got a blood test and the doctor said the test level was 1.3 but I'm not sure what that means but he did say usually it would be higher than five to be considered positive so I have to go back next week to get another. Does anyone know anything about this or have advice or insight please

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Hi Destiny:-)

When you become pregnant your body produces a hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). It could be that when you did your urine test there simply

weren't enough levels of the hormone in your body to give a positive result. Also, drinking too much fluid beforehand can effect the reading. Certain medications

can effect readings.

Your doctor will be able to explain this more fully. Hopefully your next test will definitely provide the answer you're looking for :-) xB


Thanks for the reply


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