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Period Problems

Okay so I started birth control after my last period. Two or so days after starting birth control my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he finished inside me(No lectures please I know it's dumb). Anyways, two weeks ago when my period was supposed to begin I was experiencing a brown discharge, I've never had this before, it continued for few days then some light bleeding began but it was very off and on. This went on for the normal length of my period so I assumed it was just the birth control. Yesterday I noticed more blood (even though my period had been over) it was dark red which is usually normal but then this morning it was brown and later it became the dark red again. I have never experienced this before so I guess I am curious if this is normal? Could I possibly be pregnant? Anyone know anything that could help me?

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Hi Jamie :-)

Take a pregnancy test, it'll answer one of your questions.

Prolonged bleeding should not be ignored.

Birth control takes a while to get established reliably, for peace of mind use condoms.

If you don't want to see your GP, ask the practice nurse for advice re: side effects of that particular birth control.

Best wishes :-) xB


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