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Vaginal problems

Okay, so i have been sexually active for about 11 months now with my 1st sexual partner of 16 months. Iam 17 years old too. However, lately intercourse has been incredibly difficult for us. A few weeks ago suffered with a yeast infection which of course stopped us altogether. We tried to go back to have occasional sexual intercourse but during foreplay i will get unbelievably sore and tight and burn like mad. This prevents me from peeing or sometime sitting down for another 30 or so minutes. It does not smell, and there is no sign of discharge. I am also not on any kind of contraceptive pill but the contraceptive injections after having my implant taken out just yesterday. I am very sure that this is not thrush. Please help

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Kxtie, go back to your GP. The burning, pain and difficulty peeing sound like 'honeymoon' cystitis. It's possible that your partner has picked up the infection from you and is reinfecting you so you may need to abstain until it clears. Your GP or practice nurse should be able to prescribe relief and advise you both.


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