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As the HealthUnlocked charity partner, Wellbeing of Woman is doing a women's health webinar series. What topic(s) are most important to you?

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An holisitic approach enveloping all health issues with complete support and communication between medical professionals and the patient.

A holistic ageing well woman focus- staying positive, keeping well and connected during the pandemic.

Peri and menopause issues


Vaginal health post menopause



The topic most important to me is Fibroids.

I enjoyed your survey.

Menopause is missing

Night sweats

Menopause and ageing


Lichen sclerosus. Many women are unaware of it.

Perimenopause and menupause

Menopausal emotional and mental health. The medical community seems to put far more emphasis on the physical symptoms. My GP gave me leaflets that only covered the physical symptoms and the internet's medical pages mostly talk about physical symptoms. Many women experience terrible emotional symptoms, including me. I'm not "old", I'm experienced!