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Women Against Prostate Cancer

19 years strong

My husband is 66 years old and has been fighting prostate cancer on and off for 19 years. He is a living testimony to how someone can live with what can be considered now a “chronic illness”. He had a radical surgery 19 years ago, and back then, radiation and surgery were not the protocol. We’ve come along way. Anyway, a couple of years later, he needed radiation as “it” was back. Long story short, there is a tiny inoperable tumor, and the PSA fluctuates. He’s been taking Lupron injections for several years and this has been incredibly successful for him. Thank goodness. He is now taking a Lupron like drug (pill) at home to see what the effects will be over the last couple of months as a trial. He’s very tired. He works full-time and loves his career. I’m looking for ways to bolster his enthusiasm. He’s been very tired lately. I’m trying to do more around our house and get the house prepped to get it on the market. He’s never let this condition get in the way of his life, never has it gotten in the way of his work, and never has it gotten in the way of our travels. We had been vegan out one time and try to eat pretty clean diet, but sugar can be a real issue. I’m wondering what others do to bolster their mental status. Especially if there is not a lot of family present. Work has been the priority in my husband’s life. I’m grateful for this site, as when my husband was first diagnosed, there was nothing like this out there.

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Hi Taylor3488.

My husband is 68 years old and has been fighting prostate cancer since early 2003. He had radiation, followed by years and years of anti-hormone treatments, followed by Zytiga and now he is on Chemotherapy because the cancer has spread into the liver.

We don't have much family around and not many friends either. My husband retired in 2015. We do our best to stay positive even when the news we are getting are bad by going for short walks, sometimes longer if my husband is well enough, and we do a lot of meditation/listening to Buddhist meditation talks by Tara Brach and Eckhart Tolle. I encourage my husband to rest when he feels the need and to get out when he wants to do that, so to follow his body's needs basically. Sometimes he wants to do too much, when he was still working, he often did too much work which made him even more exhausted.