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Hello I have just joined this group today. My great grandfather, grandfather, father and now my brother have all had/have prostate cancer also my ex father in law and his father before him so I think you can imagine that I am worried about my son. No I know that they say you can't be tested until your 40 (my son is 24) but a simple blood test every 5 years and if anything happens they will be on top of it right away. My brother also had testecular cancer and had to have one removed and kemo. I just wondered what others thought about testing.

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  • WOW That is a history! Yes blood tests should be available to all men on a similar basis to breast cancer screening and bowel cancer screening, Your son should certainly push for a PSA blood test with the family history you give. BUT you must try not to worry too much (easy for me to say that). He may well be the first male in the family to escape this disease. I hope he is and wish you luck.


  • I can understand how worried you are. My other half has Pca and we are urging his two sons to have testing they are 47 and 53. Their Mum also died of ovarian cancer at 57 and her sister has had treatment for cancer, her brother died of prostate cancer last year at 68 having been diagnosed at 55. There was cancer in the grandparents family as well. As far as we know neither has gone for testing but you can only advise. There are companies doing genetic testing for prostate cancer but I don't know how good that is. To be honest if one of my sons had a higher than normal PSA test result I would urge him to have another test after 3 months and every 3 months to keep an eye on it even if the tests had to be paid for,and if it went up at all to get a biopsy and treatment as soon as possible. Forget watch and wait and active surveillance!