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Advanced Prostate Cancer: Would You Consider It?

About my husband.

At age 58, my husband was in the best shape of his life. Feb 2013 is when he noticed that his urine flow was weak. He didn’t bother to go to the doctor until he noticed red stuff floating in the toilet after using the restroom. We both knew something was very wrong and the next day, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His PSA was roughly 51. He finished getting biopsy and CT/MRI in April. Initially, the plan was to have robotic surgery to get rid of the prostate but when they told us that the cancer had metastasized to his lungs, we were in disbelief. So the doctor started him on a hormone therapy (Zoladex and Casodex). His PSA reduced significantly a year or so later, so he felt everything went back to normal.

Fast forward to June 2016. After a routine surgery, he couldn’t void and it led to a PSA test -- 534 ng/ml followed by a retest four days later of 891 ng/ml. Bone scans showed extensive metastases to skull, right mandible, anterior and posterior ribs. CT scan showed some involvement of lymph nodes & bladder. In the words of his medical team, it was very aggressive and about as widespread as they had ever seen.

His doctor recommended the BHR 200-201 trial.

My question is: Do you know someone who has successfully completed a trial for prostate cancer and what are your overall thoughts concerning it?

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Sorry can't help. My PSA count in July 2015 was just 5 (upper end of normal for a man in his 70's), I had had no symptoms at all, but my wife simply suggested that I had the check done. Rectum exam showed small lump on prostate. Biopsy gave Gleason score of 5+3=8. MRI, CT and bone scans were all clear. Urologist recommended Da Vinci robotic surgery, even though at 74 I was quite old for that treatment. I had the op in Nov 2015. PSA now settled at 0.01.

We are all different. Do as the medics say. Regretfully, such a high PSA level and the spread that you describe is serious (as you say 'very aggressive'). That said, he should take the trial as anything that can give any hope at all is worth doing. I do wish him, and you, the best.