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Endometriosis anxiety

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So I have had endo since 2010. I was diagnosed by liproscopic procedure. Since then I have tried numerous amounts of both control to help, but it was always cause me to have severe mood swings. Fast forward to 2018 and and another child since, my endo has more than likely attached to my right ovary, which I totally forgot could happen. I have been experiencing very heavy periods and severe anxiety and panic attacks with my menstrual cycles. I have never had this before. 7 months trying to figure out and 3 obgyn later, I was told that my endo could have attached to my ovary and is now causing severe hormonal issues. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anything helped. I was just put on progesterone only birth control, bc regular birth control gives me suicidal thoughts and I cannot have that.

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Hey hunni, how are you? did you manage to find some relief? I too have this, heart palpitations, anxiety and even panic attacks around my periods... it sounds like you may need a lap and clear your ovaries, I really hope you're okay xx sending virtual hugs