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Our charity purpose “The promotion and protection of good health in women suffering from Endometriosis by raising awareness and educating students and the public about the symptoms whilst providing support for women who suffer”

Women With Endometriosis was founded by activist Miss Carla Cressy, Carla a former model from Leigh-On-Sea Essex suffered from symptoms of Endometriosis from the age of just fourteen. Carla spent her schools years taking time out to attend regular hospital appointments due to the irregularities, painful bowel movement and chronic pain around her menstrual cycle. Carla fainted excessively at home, in school and in public as a result of her heavy bleeding which was not normal. Sadly Carla went on for a decade at times resulting in being hospitalised regularly as a result of her symptoms become more irregular and severe. Age 25 Carla received her diagnosis after her third professional opinion she went on to have a procedure however due to the lack of awareness and education amongst both the public and the medical sector Carla’s symptoms were unknown for too long leading to her now undergoing regular procedures. Now aged 27, Carla has undergone five procedures in less then eighteen months two of which were major open surgeries to drain fluids of Endometriosis which caused for her stomach to swell filling with over 2.5 litres of poison as a result of an “Endometriosis explosion” which sadly came close taking her life in theatre. Carla gained her strength and began exploring into research whilst raising awareness of her journey in hopes to reach other sufferers. Due to the taboo around menstrual well-being Carla realised by publicly sharing her journey she reached thousands of women world wide of all age groups who too were and are still suffering, many of whom are fighting for a diagnosis. Carla’s symptoms have now spread even after undergoing five surgeries the past eighteen months now affecting her bowel, stomach and kidney along with her Fallopian tubes meaning she will never fall pregnant naturally, Carla is now awaiting surgery to place stents in her kidney and bladder along with removing her Fallopian tubes and parts of the bowel. Carla made it her mission to make a difference, launching the Endometriosis education campaign via the gov.uk website which led to the support of numerous members of Parliament registering the Endometriosis APPG to discuss and plan for raising awareness of Endometriosis.

Carla then went on to building a reputable team of experts to start her own charity using her experience, understanding and the information provided by the reputable team of experts she has on board in order to shed the light on the disease to help sufferers and provide support to the many who need it.

Carla has since launching the charity gained the support from surgeons and experts globally and is carrying out speakerships at the stanford hospital in USA along side world renown expert Dr Camran Nezhat founder of Worldwide Endomarch and inventor of the video laparoscopy (operating off the monitor) pioneer and leading practitioner in the field of laparoscopic surgery.

Women With Endometriosis rely solely on donations in order to help the charity thrive to make a difference and support those who suffer.

If you are interested in supporting the newly found charity pop an email over to admin@womenwithendometriosis.org