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Women with Endometriosis

Endo and an abscess, what a pair!


My name is Shannon and I have been suffering with endometriosis for three years (really since I was in my early 20’s,but we called it “bad” cramps back then) I have had two laparoscopic surgeries to try to remove or clear out the endo, but unfortunately my previous Dr. was not able to remove much. I have stage IV and my insides have been described as the “worst” they have ever seen, that everything is just cemented together. The pain can be so unbearable and when I am having an episode (or what I call a little samurai gnome in my uterus having a field day) I feel so lost and alone. I have a wonderful husband that has been by my side, but I feel so much guilt for what he has dealt with. I know he is my husband and he loves me, but how many episodes , how many procedures and how many ER visits can he deal with? If that’s not enough, we have tried to get pregnant with no success. Now it is so bad that my tubes are blocked. This recently caused an abscess on my tube and I became very sick. Luckily after surgery they were able to get it isolated and stable. Three weeks later I was back in the ER with a reoccurring infection. I’m at a point where I may need to remove everything. It is so hard to wrap my head around this. Now I may be adding to the list that I will not be able to make my husband a daddy. Everyone says “your health is first” and I know that’s true, but making the decision which will result in you never being able to carry your child is heart breaking.

This is only a small portion of my story. I would love to hear feedback from others who have experienced an abscess on a tube. How long did it take to clear up? Did you have to have to remove anything? Or just any comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Hi shannon, I’m also shannon :) but prefer to be called shan :)

I have had blood filled cysts on my tubes which got infected and blocked my tubes. I was ovulating but the egg wasn’t coming through the tube as it was supposed to. During my last laparoscopy he removed the adhesions and cyst and then “flushed” my tubes. I was doing ovulation tests every month for about a year and each time they were negative. I’ve continued the ovulation tests since surgery in January and I’ve had 3 out of 5 tests come pack positive!

My organs were also cemented together with adhesions and endometriosis especially around my bowel, navel and pelvic area. That’s pretty much all over!!

I know how you feel about your husband and feelings of guilt. I suffer that too! I’ve had 3 surgeries so far and each time it’s been a lot worse than the one before :( do you know if you had ablaition or excision? My first 2 were ablaition and this last op was excision. I haven’t received much relief to be honest but at least I know that it’s definitely helped to get the tubes working again that I’ve been cleared up inside waiting for it to return :(

Deciding wether to have a hysterectomy is a huge decision and only you can decide if that’s where you are. Try not to feel bad about not being able to carry a child if you choose to go ahead, you have to think about your quality of life and if you feel you will benefit from it then you should really consider that. If your want and need to carry a child feels too strong then maybe now is not the time. But only you can decide that.

I’m glad you found us on health unlocked, it’s horrible to be going through this without any support from people who really understand how your feeling and what your going through.

For me it took about 5 weeks to recover from my cyst on my tube but it was post op pain as well as a post op infection which I was given the wrong anti biotics for. I really hope it settles down soon. Big hugs to you, shan xx


Wow, sounds just like my story. I am sorry for all you have been through as well. Thank you for all the info. It helps to hear other stories. I have my third scheduled surgery June 6 (excision) so I hope to get some relief.

Big hugs to you too!

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